Privacy policy

We at Gambino Casino Slots(“Gambino Slots“, “we”, “us”, “our”) recognize and respect the importance of maintaining the privacy of our users. This Privacy Notice (the “Notice“) describes the ways your personal data is collected and used on our mobile applications (each an “App”). It also describes the rights and options available to you with respect to your information.


Our app gathers certain types of information from users, and this notice outlines the data we’ve collected over the past 12 months. All personal information acquired comes directly from the individuals using our app.

Device Information Collection.
We collect data linked to your mobile device, such as:

  • Online identifiers (IDFA for iOS, Android ID for Android devices).
  • Type and operating system of your device.
  • Language settings, time zone, and screen resolution.
  • IP address, along with the associated country, city, and region.
    Providing this information is not legally mandated, but it is essential for the app’s functionality.

Facebook Information Collection
If you opt to connect to the app through Facebook, we access details from your profile, including:

  • A unique Facebook-generated user ID.
  • Your country of origin, birthdate, and name.
  • List of friends on Facebook interacting with the game.
  • You may at any time revoke your consent for processing this Facebook Information.

Purchase Information Collection
In relation to in-app purchases, we gather:

  • Amount, units, currency, date of the transaction, and a copy of the receipt.
  • Note: We do not collect payment method details (like credit card information).

Inquiry Information Collection
For inquiries made via email, we keep:

  • Your email address and any additional information you provide during the interaction.
    Analytical Information Collection
    We monitor your app usage, recording:
  • Time and date of access.
  • In-game activities including levels attempted, bets made, offers engaged with, and achievements earned.
    All the kinds of information mentioned will be collectively known as the “Information.”
    Once you uninstall the app from your smartphone, we cease to collect new information.

Player Profile Creation
The Player Profile is generated using the following sources:

  • Facebook Information: This includes your name and country, which are automatically collected when you log in via Facebook. If you wish to edit these, you must disconnect the connection with Facebook.
  • User-Selected Information: Details you provide, like your preferred game, status updates, and chosen avatar, which you can edit.
  • Automatically Populated Information: Consists of your game level, online status, mutual friends, and their list.
  • Survey Information: We occasionally conduct research through surveys, which you can choose to participate in voluntarily.
    Please note that we will not collect additional data after you have deleted the app from your device.


We utilize various categories of personal information for distinct business or commercial objectives as outlined herein. The specifics of each category have already been provided, and additional information regarding these purposes follows.

Facilitating App Experience:
To enrich your experience with the App’s features and functionality, including in-app notifications, tailored promotions, and offers, we process Information, Identifiers, Device Information, Analytical Information, Purchase Information, Player Profile, and Facebook Information.

Technical Support & Troubleshooting:
For resolving technical issues within the App and offering user support, Device Information, Analytical Information, Purchase Information, and Facebook Information are utilized.

Handling Inquiries:
When you reach out with an inquiry, we utilize your Inquiry Information to engage with you and address your concerns. Depending on the inquiry’s context, this may also involve referring to your Device Information, Facebook Information, Purchase Information, and Analytical Information.

Marketing Activities:
We employ various types of information, including Information, Identifiers, Device Information, Analytical Information, Purchase Information, and Facebook Information, to refine our marketing strategies, attract new users effectively, and provide you with relevant promotional content.

App and Business Improvement:
Our research and development efforts include using survey data to enhance app quality and services, establish typical player profiles, and gauge the effectiveness of the services we offer. Survey participation implies that your feedback will be collectively analyzed alongside other users to guide improvements.
Financial Record-Keeping:
Lastly, for accurate financial documentation and bookkeeping, we process your Purchase Information.


At Gambino Slots, protecting your personal information is paramount to us. Here’s how we handle your data: Transparency in Data Sharing. Your privacy matters.

We vow not to distribute your data to third parties unless the following situations occur, or when you grant us express consent:

  • Within Our Corporate Family: Your details may be shared with our subsidiaries for the purposes outlined.
  • Operational Assistance: Trusted service providers who facilitate our app’s functionality may access your data, but strictly to serve our operational needs — never for their own marketing initiatives.
  • Advertising Insights: To tailor advertising and enhance user acquisition, we may provide Analytical and Purchase Information to third-party advertisers.
  • Public Player Profiles: Other users can view your Player Profile, although you have the choice to hide this information.
  • Legal Obligations and Violations: Your information may be disclosed to the authorities if you violate our terms, abuse the app, or break the law, or to legal representatives to manage these incidents.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Should legal or regulatory bodies demand it, we must share your data.
  • Corporate Changes: In the case of significant structural shifts, such as mergers or acquisitions, we’ll transfer your information to ensure continuity of service.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy
Please note that we strictly avoid selling your personal data, adhering to this practice in the past 12 months and continuing to uphold your trust. Should you have any questions about our privacy practices, please feel free to get in touch with us.


Your personal information is essential for the operation of our App and will be retained for that primary purpose. However, even after its active use, we maintain records as deemed necessary for administrative purposes. Our retention period accounts for routine company activities pertaining to the App’s functionality.

Beyond this operational phase, we uphold the retention of your personal details to the extent required to fulfill legal obligations, adjudicate disputes, uphold and defend against legal claims, and enforce contractual agreements.

In safeguarding your information, we’ve instituted appropriate security measures aimed at mitigating risks such as data loss, unsanctioned access, or potential breaches of your information. Although our security protocols are actively enforced to protect your personal information, no system can ensure absolute security. Consequently, we cannot wholly eliminate all potential risks associated with information security, and thus, cannot unequivocally guarantee the invincibility of our Service against cyber threats.


We have no control over third-party content presented on the App and are not responsible for the privacy policies of such third parties. Portions of the App link to or present content from third parties, including ads. We have no control over this third-party content and are not responsible for the privacy policies of such third parties. We do not endorse any products offered by third parties and we urge our users to exercise discretion in their reliance on third party content.


Gambino Slots (referred to as “we”, “us”, or “our”) assumes the role of data controller for personal data collected through our App, guiding how and why your information is processed. We’re committed to providing top-tier services while respecting your privacy and adhering to data protection laws.
Here’s an overview of the legal grounds for processing your information:

  • Contractual Necessity:
    We process your data as necessary to provide the App’s features, functionality, and gaming experience, in accordance with our contract with you under our Terms of Service.
  • Legitimate Interests:
    For technical troubleshooting, user support, or inquiries, we process information based on our legitimate interests in smoothly operating the App and our business. We also process Player Profile information and share it publicly with other users for enhancing the social-sharing aspect intrinsic to our App’s experience.
  • Consent:
    Your consent is the basis for processing information for marketing purposes and any survey participation.
  • International Data Transfers:
    We execute international data transfers in line with proper data protection laws. While based in Israel, a country recognized by the European Commission for adequate personal data protection, we ensure that data moved from Europe to other regions is protected under data transfer agreements, which uphold EU Commission-approved standard contractual clauses and adequate safeguards.
  • Your Rights:
    If you reside in the EU, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) grants you several rights:
  • Access:
    Request access to your personal data in our custody and obtain copies.
  • Rectification:
    Correct inaccurate personal data and complete any partial data.
  • Data Portability:
    Receive the personal data you’ve provided to us in a structured, commonly-used, machine-readable format, and have it transferred to another service provider, where technically feasible.
  • Withdraw Consent:
    You can retract your consent to data processing at any time, though this won’t affect any processing done previously.
  • Object:
    Contest data use based on our legitimate interests or disapprove of your data use for direct marketing.
  • Restrict Processing:
    Request to limit the use of your personal data under certain conditions.
  • Erasure (Right to be Forgotten):
    In specific scenarios, like when you retract your consent, you may request the erasure of your personal data, except where legal obligations or the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims necessitate processing.

We may seek reasonable proof of identity to fulfill your requests. If there are instances when we can’t provide you with the requested data, we’ll clearly explain why.

For any grievances, you have the right to contact your local data protection authority. This also extends to lodging a complaint with the supervisory authority in your EU Member State, based on GDPR Article 77.

Note: The rights explained above are subject to prevailing legislation and may not encompass all conditions or scenarios.


California Resident Privacy Rights
As a resident of California, you are entitled to exercise the following rights regarding your personal information:

Disclosure of Collected Personal Information
You hold the right to be informed about:

  • The specific personal information categories we have gathered about you.
  • The sources from which that information originated.
  • The purposes for collecting your personal information for business or commercial endeavors.

Right to Request Deletion
Upon receiving your verifiable request, except where certain conditions apply, we shall:

  • Erase your personal information from our records.
  • Instruct any third-party service providers to do the same with your data.
    Please be aware that we reserve the right to retain personal information under these circumstances:
  • To complete transactions, honor warranty terms, provide requested services, or meet contractual obligations with you.
  • To detect and counteract security incidents or unlawful activities, and to prosecute perpetrators.
  • For troubleshooting purposes to remedy functionality errors.
  • To uphold rights to free speech or ensure others can exercise the same right, or comply with other legal entitlements.
  • To adhere to the California Electronic Communications Privacy Act (CalECPA).
  • When your information is crucial for publicly beneficial scientific, historical, or statistical research that complies with ethical and legal standards, especially if its deletion might obstruct such research, given your consent has been secured.
  • For internal operations that align with your expectations from our ongoing relationship.
  • To fulfill legal responsibilities.
  • To utilize your personal information internally in any other lawful way that is compatible with the context in which you provided it.

Anti-Discrimination Protections

You are at liberty to appoint an authorized agent to submit CCPA requests on your behalf; this requires you to provide written consent to the agent who must also present proof of this authorization. To confirm your identity and ensure the security of your data before responding to your requests, we may employ a two or three-factor authentication process or use your existing account validations if you have an account secured by a password with us. Accessing or requesting the deletion of your data will necessitate re-authentication through your account. Notably, we reserve the right to charge a fee as per legal stipulations, particularly for requests deemed clearly baseless or excessive.


You must be 18 years of age or older in order to use the Service.
The Service is not intended for minors under the age of 18. IF YOU ARE UNDER THE AGE OF 18 YOU MAY NOT USE THE SERVICE IN ANY WAY.


If we change this Notice, we will provide you notice of such change through the App.
From time to time, we may change this Notice, in which case we will inform you of the updated Policy through the App. The latest version of the Notice will always be accessible on the App.

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